Our Customer’s Feedback for our Herbs

Nicole Kristmann:

AMAZING RECOVERY OF BLADDER CANCER! I have fought stage 4 bladder cancer with my father for 2 years. We were getting ready to have his bladder removed before the cancer spread in his body. My brother sent Graviola leaves from the British Virgin Islands. After much convincing to my 78 year old non-believing father, he agreed to take them for 6 weeks prior to the biopsies required for the surgery. He took the tea and ate a plant based diet. We had the biopsies done. When we went for the results the surgeon, urologist and GP were all there asking what we did. There was not a trace of cancer in his bladder or his body. This works!!!!


This testimonial is being written to give cancer patients like myself hope for a possible cure through natural herbs. Just over a year ago now, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given a 5% chance of survival. After hours and hours of research, I located a site that provided information of a possible cure for cancer with a herb called soursop grown in Jamaica. I would personally like to thank a wonderful lady by the name of Marie, who took it upon herself to send me the necessary herbs, soursop leaves and bark, to commence my natural treatment. For a while now, I have been boiling the soursop leaves and bark and drinking it. I recently had a CT Scan done and am very excited to let everyone now that it was a success. At the time of diagnosis, my tumor marker was 70, after surgery it was 35,35 and under is good and now it is 0.06 which is excellent. There was no trace of cancer !! I strongly believe that the amazing results are from drinking the soursop mixture. With many prayers. wonderful people, and this amazing natural remedy, I will beat my fight with cancer. May the Good Lord be with you all and guide you through your difficult journey. Keep the faith and a positive outlook because there is a cure for cancer


Last week (Middle of July 2012)was an amazing and great week for me. I received a call from a gentleman who goes by the name of Enjoy425 on our blog. He has been purchasing soursop leaves with barks from our website for a few months and we developed a great relationship on the telephone. Enjoy 425 was diagnosed one and a half year ago with pancreatic cancer. We talk many times and I kept in touch to see how his tests and check ups went at the doctor. He had just come from the doctor with his results and I got that call to say he was cancer free !!For me it was nothing short of AMAZING !!! This makes what I do special.

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