Soursop leaves/Graviola lvs-(600)




Benefits of soursop leaf turned out 1000 times more powerful content and its ability of chemotherapy in treating cancer. This is based on the research that has been done, in ancient societies soursop leaves already known advantages and a lot of used to treat the disease.  

Around the year 1965, various studies scientists prove soursop leaf extract cures better than chemotherapy, even those extracts may slow down the growth of cancer. 
In 1976, the National Cancer Institute has been conducting scientific research and the results stated rod and soursop leaves effective attack and destroy cancer cells. This is because its content is very high compound proactive for the body, it is rarely found in other fruits.
Soursop tree, or better known by the scientific name Annona Muricata L, a fairly easy way of planting. Soursop fruit rich in fiber which is good for digestion.
A wide range of benefits and the benefits of soursop leaves and soursop as a cure all diseases, either for cancer or for curing other diseases such as rheumatic diseases, gout, kidney, lung, prostate, pancreas, liver, eczema and more. As for treating cancer, according to some accounts soursop leaves able to work 1,000 times more powerful than the chemo therapy or adriamycin in suppressing and slows the growth of cancer cells.


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