Guinea Hen Weed Tea 30ct.


Anamus has been widely used to reduce a vast array of medical conditions in traditional societies, particularly those of the Amazonian people. These societies used the plant to aid with generalized pain, cancer, snake bite, cold and flu, mental conditions, paralysis, fever, and as a remedy for arrow poisoning.
Studies on the anamu plant have shown that extracts of anamu slowed the growth of leukemia cells, as well as other forms of cancerous tumor cells. The plant was also confirmed to possess cytotoxic effects (the ability to actually kill off cancer cells). A 2002 study confirmed the ability to kill a liver cancer cell line, as well as slow the growth of cancer cells in the brain. Other studies demonstrate its powerful immuno-stimulant properties. Multiple research confirms that anamu extract can stimulate immune cell production, as well as boost natural killer cell activity by 100%!

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