Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is very strengthening and cleansing to the entire body.Aloe is rich in calcium and potassium and vitamin B-12.

In the case of Aloe,it is the natural home remedy that prevails over modern medicine.The best way to use this herb is to break off a leaf,slice it down the middle, and apply the gel to the skin.For a burn or sore that needs more than just minor attention,make a simple poultice by placing the cut leaf on the area and wrapping it with gauze .

a)Aloe cleanses the kidneys,bladder and removes all morbid matter from the stomach and intestines.

b)It is a strong laxative that cleanse and purifies the intestines,bowels and colon.

c)It clears up red eyes,improves vision and brings out the natural colour of the eyes.

d)It is used for sunburn,skin irritations and insect bites.

e)It removes wrinkles and other discolorations from the skin.

f)When mixed with lime juice and applied as a poultice it heals the skin ulcers,boils and ringworm.

g)Aloe also relieves dandruff,stimulates hair growth,strengthens the hair and kills bacteria associated with scalp disease.

The gel applied alone may cause some drying to the skin.If this occurs, try mixing a little vitamin E with the gel, or a moisturizer.

Aloe is grown in Jamaica without pesticides and chemicals.

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