Pure Natural Jamaican About our Herbs

Herbs are a very interesting and important part of Jamaica’s culture and Heritage.This website is mainly about the many potent and great herbs that are available on the Beautiful Island of Jamaica.

“PURE NATURAL JAMAICAN HERBS” are grown under natural conditions in tropical climate with perfect temperatures.T hey are nurtured by an abundance of sunshine and natural rainfall. Pure Natural Jamaican Herbs are never exposed to chemicals and pesticides, are grown out in the wild on the most potent and rich soil, so there is never the need for dangerous fertilizers.
Pure Natural Jamaican Herbs are harvested early morning to maintain nutrients and valuable components for healing, then dried to preserve freshness and to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. They are processed and packed in sterile conditions in a FDA certified plant with the consumers in mind.
We firmly believe that herbs are nature’s pharmacy and that they are extremely valuable. Herbs are also used for medicinal purposes and some herbs should be taken with caution. Herbs however are mild and are extremely beneficial to our great health.
Jamaicans are a very health conscious group of people and like to ”take care of themselves” on a regular basis , with the many herbs ,vegetables and fruits that are available on our amazing Island. You can say Health is a major part in the daily lives of many Jamaicans.

Jamaican herbs have been tried and proven by many and there has been numerous positive results. The treating of illnesses and preventing illnesses with herbs have been around for decades. There are many Jamaican herbs and they are used and work as remedies for different conditions. Some of these herbs are cerasee-used for blood cleansing ,guinea hen weed also used as a blood cleanse ,but recently has moved into the hall of fame along side the soursop leaf as herbs that are effective with some cancers read about it here.. There are some herbs used to clear the fallopian tubes ,like medina, vervain, dog blood and other herbs. Some of the more popular herbs , are the ones used for stamina or energy which is said to enable a more vibrant sex life. These herbs include strong back, medina and Irish moss.


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