Herbs P-Q

Parsley-A herb widely used in Jamaica,has many healing properties



Parsley Roots and leaves have been used to regulate blood sugar and are thought to be effective in cases of low blood sugar, if there is adrenal malfunction.
Preparations made from Parsley Roots have their major influence on the liver and spleen, and for the last 100 years, clinical physicians have claimed that Parsley Root has been effective in treating liver diseases, helping to dissolve and pass Gallstones and kidney stones, if they are not too large.
Parsley has been used since ancient times to improve both the digestion and assimilation of food and is said to settle the stomach after a meal. The volatile oil in Parsley increases Circulations to the digestive tract, easing stomach problems, indigestion and flatulence.
Rich in many nutrients, Parsley contains apigenin, a flavonoid that reduces allergic responses and is also considered an effective antioxidant.

Parsley Root is a natural and effective diuretic that helps to purify the blood and accelerate the excretion of toxins from the body. Parsley may also ease Bloating, reduce excess water weight, and improve urination when it is painful or incomplete. Because of its diuretic properties, Parsley is believed to lower Blood Pressure, reduce the heart rate and relieve hypertension. Parsley is also considered a mild laxative.
Parsley is highly nutritious and contains more vitamin C than oranges by weight and also provides a good source of iron (important for the proper formation of red blood cells), potassium (good for lowering Blood pressure), calcium and manganese (helpful for osteoporosis) and folic acid (which may help prevent cardiovascular disease).

Parsley Roots work to normalize delayed Menstruation.
Although pregnant women should not use Parsley, because it stimulates uterine contractions, in normal circumstances the herb is said to have a toning effect on the Uterus and is also thought to similarly affect the prostate in men.
Parsley Root is thought to make an excellent and nutritious tonic. The root may be cooked and added to soups to improve the health of invalids or weakened people.

Pregnant women should avoid Parsley, because the herb stimulates uterine contractions. Those suffering from kidney infection should also avoid Parsley.






Passion flower is one of the best herbal nerve tonic known and is often the main ingredient in many sedatives.

It soothes and calm the nerves without bringing on depression or affecting concentration,

It improves circulation,lowers blood pressure and cures insomnia.





 Periwinkle: Ram Goat Rose: Brown Man’s Fancy; Old Maid.(Vinca Rosea L)

This plant enjoys a widespread reputation in the treatment of diabetes. It is so used in Jamaica, the
Grenadines, and in Africa. Watt and Breyer-Brandwijk consider that most investigations of this claim have
shown negative results and that any advantage obtained can be ascribed to a weak digitalis and purgative action.
The plant is said to contain an alkaloid vincarosin which is a cardiac poison. In Jamaica it is also used as tea for
colds. The white variety is used for high blood pressure






The leaves are used to make tea for stomach pains. Beckwith does not mention this use but gives a
number of other uses including a rather curious ‘cure’ for a catarrhal cold in which a poultice of beaten leaves
moistened with rum is applied to a small bare patch on top of the head. ‘The water will run out of your nose and
cure the complaint’. It would also seem that pennyroyal has some reputation as an abortifacient either in conjunction with cerasee and marigold or ‘boiled with a rusty nail.





 Garden Mint: Black or Sweet mint.
The plant, introduced into the gardens of Jamaica, is much used as a medicinal herb. Tea is prepared by
infusion or decoction and is used as a general beverage and for stomach trouble. It is sometimes used with gin
or rum for stomach-ache and vomiting. These uses can be traced back to the early writers on Jamaican
medicinal plants. The essential oil contains l-carvone (about 54-66 per cent). I-limonene and phellandrine and d-pipene.


 Pepper Elder.

The young stem and leaves of this species provide a decoction for flatulence and, according to
Steggerda, serve as a tonic for the blood. Browne says the root is sudorific, diaphoretic and good for dropsy,
and that the leaves and shoots were used in baths and fomentations. The fruits provide an alternative to commercial pepper.







Pimento is used to make an essential oil that is used to:

1)massage areas with poor circulation on the body to increase blood flow.

2)Relieves muscle  and joint pains.(arthritis,fatigue,muscle cramps,rheumatism,stiffness etc)

3)For respiratory disorders (chills,congested coughs,bronchitis)

4)For digestive system problems (cramps,flatulence,indigestion,nausea

5)For the nervous system(depression,nervous exhaustion,neuralgia,tension and stress).

6)As a pain reliever( for headaches ,body pain,muscular pain)

7)For tooth-ache.

8)To Increase appetite



PIMENTO LEAVES as a tea is – Useful treating high blood sugar,  bacterial infections and fungal infections, rheumatism, amenorrhea, and colic.Pimento leaves held in the mouth will decrease the urge for cigarettes.A tea of the leaves will also keep the body warm,purify the stomach,aid digestion,relieve gas and stop vomiting. A mixture of pimento and white rum is a great remedy for menstrual cramps




Cooking with pimento is very common in Jamaica. Many Jamaican recipes contain grounded pimento seeds: Pimento seeds is one of the main ingredient in the Jerk seasoning used to make that delicious chicken and pork we just crave for at times.Pimento is the essential touch needed for any meat dish especially, pork ,ox-tail,chicken,fish,stewed peas and goat.Pimento is also used in soups like red peas and mannish water(goat belly).Pimento finely ground (all spice ) is also an important ingredient in theJamaican fruit cakes.



One of the best deep tissue  massage you could do is with the pimento oil.This oil is used in the aromatherapy industry  for treating poor circulation ,muscles and joints(that is arthritis,fatigue,muscle cramp,rheumatism,stiffness,etc.) This oil penetrates the body and heals the mind ,body and soul .The pimento oil ,during a massage will penetrate deep into your tissues until you get the feeling of a tingling ,warm sensation of medicine being poured into your tired and aching body.


Food industry:

Pimento berries are used to flavour a wide range of foods. This spice is used in flavouring pickles,ketchup,sausages,gravies and pies . A spice used in Jamaica’s favourite  fruit cakes made by Island Breeze Ltd.



PIMENTO TREE is indigenous to Caribbean Islands.It was found growing in Jamaica by early Spanish explorers who were very impressed with the taste and aroma of the berries and leaves.Pimento is also grown in Mexico, but it is Jamaica that has the longest history. Jamaica is the largest exporter of pimento seeds and leaves.Pimento also known as PIMENTA DIOICA  is closely related to the bay tree and to cloves.Also known as allspice, the ground pimento combines the characteristic flavour and aroma of cloves,nutmeg,cinnamon and pepper, all combined in one spice,hence the name allspice.